ACET (AIDS Care, Education & Training) JERSEY

ACET Jersey is a specialist HIV/AIDS agency which employs a small team of professional staff to provide:

•confidential psychosocial support for people living with HIV in Jersey;
•HIV education and prevention programmes for all sectors of the community, including schools and secure settings;
•HIV training programmes for professionals, employers and staff; and
•a range of community initiatives designed to challenge HIV-related stigma and discrimination in the local community.

The charity is a member of the ACET International Alliance, a network of independent agencies and church based organisations seeking together to encourage a Christian response to HIV/AIDS worldwide. Alliance members provide care, education and training to all those affected by HIV/AIDS and related issues, regardless of ethnicity, religious affiliation or any other factor. Each ACET programme is independent with its own national leadership and accountability.

How ACET Jersey works;
•We challenge complacency about the disease at a political and personal level.

•We provide confidential practical, financial and emotional support for people affected by HIV and act as advocates on their behalf.

•We provide programmes of HIV education for young people in schools, youth groups and the wider community.

•We provide parents with resources and support to help them teach their own children about the issues associated with HIV/AIDS.

•We educate minority groups about HIV/AIDS and ensure they know how to avoid infection.

•We help employers understand the needs of workers affected by HIV and ensure they know how to support and protect people living with HIV in the workplace.

•We provide training and seminars for employers, professionals and workers in all the issues associated with HIV/AIDS, including the unfounded fears that hinder prevention and give rise to prejudice, stigma and discrimination.

•We work in partnership with a range of statutory and community agencies and participate in local forums with peer agencies.